£99 Homework With Monthly Exam

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Weekly Homework + Monthly Exam


**Weekly Homework + Monthly Exam**

Bring home schooling to life with LPC: Homework & Monthly Exam

Discover the quizzes, and monthly exam booklet programmes revolutionising home schooling with us.

Flexibility: Your Homework Solution

Assign Home Learning Tasks Easily with us. Spending hours creating homework from us. And then having to mark it all. And then having to input all the data into another spreadsheet. Lessons and activities across all result scores. It can be set at the answers … and you get the results instantly.

Studio Boards

Studio is a safe, creative space where children can make project boards. They can embed resources straight from LPC (they don’t have to access the internet) and write their own text.

Fun Quizzes

Our ready-to-use and customisable quizzes are a great way to revisit learned content. Complete individually at home and review as a whole class in school!

Parental Engagement

Everything can be accessed from their own hometime, letting their parents see what they’re working on in school or related, and encouraging them to get involved with their child’s learning.


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