Terms & Conditions

LPC Classes T&Cs

Thank you for your interest in booking a class with Little Panda Cantonese.

Every class setup involves a few costs (teacher, venue …), so we have set a few rules about booking cancellations:

  • For single session bookings …
    • … we will refund 100% of cancelled bookings with 21 days notice.
    • … we will not refund cancelled bookings with less than 21 days notice.
  • For full term bookings …
    • … we will refund 100% of cancelled booking with 21 days notice before the start of the term (the first session).
    • … we will not refund full term bookings in whole or in part (individual sessions), with less than 21 days notice before the start of the term (the first session). We may offer to roll over missed sessions, onto the next term, subject to fair use policy; the credit is applied with a coupon code on your term invoice.

If you benefited from a discounted price, the maximum refundable amount is the price you paid.

Book Ordering T&Cs

The website does not list each book title; You must supply a list of titles in the comment section of the booking form, along your order. Inventory (with price information) is presented on the Facebook group only.

Once an order has been placed, it will reviewed within two days. Incorrect orders will not be processed, and we will be in touch to discuss any way to resolve issues.

Each valid order placed on the website will be processed, once reviewed. No (full or partial) refund will be possible, once an order has been executed.

Postage costs are approximate, but cover processing costs too. No refund will be issued if the postage costs is less than the actual shipping costs.

Book orders can take up to three months to process, when ordered via shipping.