Little Panda Cantonese

Cantonese language teaching … for children

Little Panda Cantonese was conceived with the single aim of helping children learn the Cantonese language and achieve their potential during the crucial growth years. Most of our students have family connections to the Cantonese language, and/or the Hong Kong culture, but we welcome all children with a keen interest to learn and have fun !

Little Panda Cantonese

Our fees vary with age group, class size and venues.

  • We offer trial classes from £7
  • Single class starts at £12
  • Term booking for £7 to £12 per class
  • Unlimited pass
  • Terms & Conditions apply

Siblings, who attend same class, benefit from a discount on Single/Term fee.

NEW !!! Unlimited Pass to attend any class for a single annual fee.

Classes take place online via ZOOM or at one of our regular East London venues:

  • Isle of Dogs, E14
  • Greenwich Community Centre, SE10
  • Leytonstone, E11
  • Royal Wharf, E16
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“I am passionate about teaching Cantonese.”

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am fluent in English, Cantonese & Mandarin and Mum to both Maxime and Annabelle.

Before relocating to London in 2007, I gained my qualifications in business consultant & administration. I have also worked on business development. I also have 8 years of experience working with young children in group settings, running Cantonese playgroups, and volunteering at nurseries. I have also practiced Chinese calligraphy for over ten years and I was Hong Kong Solo Singing champion, receiving awards for Singing, Piano, and Flute.

I am passionate about passing the best possible learning start in Cantonese to the next generation.

— Carmen Lee, Founder & Headteacher

I am Zeon Go Go, a qualified teacher from Hong Kong, specializing in early years music education. I have composed a lot of children songs in Cantonese. I can play piano, ukulele & guitar.

I am Sin Yu, an experienced children teacher with a special focus on Art & Painting. Based in UK, I share my passion with Cantonese speaking children all over the world through online lessons.

— Zeon Go Go & Sin Yu, Music & Art Teachers

I graduated from The Education University of Hong Kong and have a bachelor degree of Early Childhood Education. I have 5 years experience teaching children in Hong Kong. I received my Grade 8 piano certificate with distinction, and have 4 years expedience in teaching piano and music theory.

I believe that early childhood is the most important part in a person’s development, which determines the future of a child’s outlook on life. Through different activities, I hope I can play an important role in your child’s positive thinking, teaching them how to communicate with the others, and learn more about their Chinese culture and customs.

— Eva Wong, Teacher

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