Online Class (0-4yo)




This is a Zoom online class:


  • Ms Dorothy (Mo, Wed morning)
  • Ms Carmen (We afternoon)
  • Ms Eva (Sun)

Time: 30mns

Class size: up to 25 children

Cost per Session:

  • £7 (Single)
  • £6 (Term) x 12 Sessions
  • £5 (Term) x 12 Sessions (Sibling)

Little Panda Cantonese Zoom For Online Lesson

Thank you for supporting Little Panda Cantonese. We are thrilled by such significant support to continue learning with Zoom For Online Cantonese Lessons. Lots of people are wondering what Zoom is, and how it can be used for online learning and meetings.

With 2020 being the worst year imaginable due to the current pandemic, employees are having to work from home. With schools in the UK being closed over the coming weeks, people are seeking alternatives to teaching in-person.

We are excited to announce that our online lessons will be starting in April 2020. We may setup some children & parents online meet-up dates. We also run specialist private lessons or group lessons for 5-11 years old and adults.

We sincerely welcome your family to the first online lesson and thank you for your support.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this form so we can hold the slot for you.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Single (Child), Term (Child), Term (Sibling)


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