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This is a Zoom online class:

This class focuses on music & singing in Cantonese to introduce children to the different tones & rhythms of the language. The teachers will maintain attention through fun story times, and will invite children to move along. This class is very interactive, so make sure you can setup some space around your computer to engage fully. The material will be distributed after the classes, so that children can continue to practice what they performed.

  • Sample 1 & 2 by Mr Zeon Go Go
  • Sample by Ms Eva


  • Mr Zeon Go Go (Wed & Sat)
  • Ms Choi (Fri)
  • Ms Eva (Sun) (for 2-5yo)

Time: 40mns

Class size: up to 25 children (0-4yo)

Cost per Session:

  • £7 (Trial)
  • £12 (Single)
  • £9 (Term) x 13 Sessions
  • £8 (Term) x 13 Sessions (Sibling)

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Trial, Single (Child), Term (Child), Term (Sibling)


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